About us


From the beginning SoundBox has set the goal of educating the customer and allowing them to make a educated decision and also providing a product that exceeds expectations. Far to many times we found our competitors were cutting corners because of their motto, "A Box Is A Box". At SoundBox we know this is not the case. Your system will only sound as good as you allow it to. Using a sub-par enclosure will give you sub-par quality. 

At SoundBox we take additional steps to make sure our enclosures are constructed of the best quality components. We also do not believe in cutting corners to be able to make a profit.

Our core believes for our subwoofer enclosures continues with our wiring and installation accessories. SoundBox offers wiring and accessories that out-preforms similar competitor products. 

We make sure our products are built to last so your system does not lack when it is needed most.

Trust SoundBox, likes the hundreds of thousands of customer who already have.